No permit is required.

Are we agreed?

I need body lotion.

She had been missing for a couple of weeks.

He translated promise into actions.


I think that the second part of your comment would make a great example sentence.

Do you like Korean food?

I think I can solve this problem by myself.

We'll flip for it.

Did Arnold contact you?

A few minutes of Stephen Fry will make any American apologize for his rhoticity.

Mud clings to my shoes.

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It's a distraction.


Pablo started the coffee brewing, then checked his email.

I don't quite know yet.

I did the web design for Wendi's blog.

It's important to know foreign languages.

Manolis has dyed his hair black for years.


Bruce still sometimes writes to me.


It was all I could do to keep standing.

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That's cyanide.


Rabin is a special-needs child.


This is what you're supposed to do.

That feast was one of the best I ever had.

Am I supposed to, single-handedly, strengthened only by the mythical magic of my forebears, in heroic fashion smash his armies and save the beautiful princess from his clutches to finally deliver him to...

None of this would've happened if you'd paid attention to what you were doing.

Are you taking politics this semester?

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5. When the reaction is over, place the test-tube on a damp cloth.

Bobby has never served on a jury.

Your suggestion came up at the meeting.

He lives round the corner.

I met Devon at the airport.

I felt I owed Angus an explanation.

The bookshop is so disorganized that I can't find the book I'm looking for.

It being Sunday, the supermarket was very crowded.

I just found out that he's sick, so I'll visit him later.

You must keep quiet for a while.

Leora has an immaculate sense of style.

We'd just like to ask you a few questions.

Sridhar had to be at his office all day.

It will be worth it!

Do you think Debbie had something to do with this?

Bucky was very independent.

I think you look like her.

I promised Van I'd be there by 2:30.

My very educated mother just served us nine pizzas.

We'll take good care of them.

Aaron sometimes does foolish things.

Kimberly died in a plane crash.

Have you been seeing a shrink?

Go ahead and tell the others we're coming.

Tears fall in my heart like the rain on the town.

I don't see Magnus as often as I'd like.

Lanny wants to know why you're not working here anymore.

Please tell me what kind of cooking this is.

Rees is a gorgeous young woman.


You must take care of us.

The time will come when he will regret this.

Her day is about to be ruined.

You have to stop worrying.

Where did you find my wallet?


Microsoft has a completely new operating system in the works.

Cookie was raised by Kate.

My mother excused his mistake.

Theo said he was going back home.

Just tell her what you want.


Rusty is powerful.

It cannot reasonably be assumed that decreasing the dose would reduce the risk of side-effects.

The labor union announced a strike.

The road was paved in tar.

Christopher couldn't remember where he'd last seen Cindy.

We found the key at last.

Ball games, such as basketball and ping-pong, are usually played indoors.

Yours is worse.

I uploaded one.

I'll be home soon.

Fish'n'chips is the most famous English food.

I want to talk to them now.

I don't want to antagonize him.


I have been on a diet for two weeks.

Let's take that chance.

He crossed the road on foot at the red light.

I can't thank you enough for agreeing to help me with Johnny.

She watches the other kids playing, but she never joins in.

Please don't lie to us.

I thought you were teaching Dani French.

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This is a very famous story.

What kind of music does Carlo listen to?

I need to get out more.

Everyone needs education. Society must promote public welfare with all its might, and bring education within the reach of all its citizens.

He lost his eyesight in that accident.

Let's not quibble over trivial matters.

I went to college with her.

It is essential to prevent salmonella contamination in hen egg production.

An amputation is needed.

I just wish I knew how to speak French.

This is a major concern.

You should get a job.

Anne can't say for sure how many times Malaclypse has been to Boston.

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They built an asylum for the blind.

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Bill dealt Sandip a sudden blow.

Which one of those is yours?

Stop playing video games. You're addicted.

The exposition is dedicated to photographs of ideal, natural, and grotesque bodies; conceives of sexuality as a part of existence; and presents photographed sexual practices, desires, and phantasms.

Bucky asked Pieter about her grandmother.

I voted for him.

What is political science? From the "political," people will probably first associate it with the political incidents that enliven journalism.

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You must live in the present, not in the past.

I spoke to them this morning.

Listen closely and do not interrupt.

Knute's funeral is taking place this weekend.

Did you tell them to do that?

It's not like you have anything else to do.

Reaching into his pocket, Dima pulled out a giant briefcase.

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It's not a big dark secret.

No one can know everything.

I tried to stop her but she made off in a hurry.

I bought a car in Derry yesterday.

Owen doesn't think Alison will say yes.

We're extremely busy.

I think we're getting close.

How do you like your new car?

Let's just leave.

Sandy can't mean that.

I hate myself.


Is it OK if I hold your hand?


I almost never watch TV.

I took the most important events from the chronology of information science and wrote a few words about each one.

The British commander was forced to surrender.

I'd like a double for four nights from tonight for about fifty dollars a night.

I'm a private person.

I think I've heard this song before.

He is what is called a champion of justice.

There is something fishy here.

She has already spoken with the President.

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I didn't think of that.

He is a little high.

I loved reading when I was a child.


Don't tell Shahid about our accident.

They just might do something unexpected.

I feel really guilty.

Hitoshi is with his son.

Do you want to join me for lunch?

Socrates said, "Those who want fewest things are nearest to the gods."

We went to Korea by plane.

What are these pictures?

Our teacher sometimes speaks too fast.

I like to try new things.

I've known her since college.

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Matt is a powerful acquisition for our team.

We have to do something to stop Jem from hurting himself.

We sent out the invitations yesterday.

How the hell did that happen?

It doesn't take Carlos long to take a shower.

Control yourself!

If I want to go, I'll let you know.

He fell and hurt his tailbone.

How handsome!

I don't like it when Dewey is mad at me.

Are you watching this show?


Ahmed is extremely dangerous.

We're still discussing that matter.

You'll never guess what happened just after you left.

I'll go see it.

Today is your daughter's birthday.


I appreciate the lateness of the hour.

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We can't fight here.

It focuses on the refugees.

My son doesn't talk back these days; he must have turned over a new leaf.

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He never forgot his ambition to become a great statesman.

I don't want to get sick.

He took part in the anti-war demonstration.